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If yours is a stepfamily at the breaking point, one of the growing number of unsuccessful stepfamilies, read some encouraging, humorous advice on your way toward developing healthy relationships.

"Engaging. Real. Heart-warming. Without pretense. "You're NOT My Mom!" recounts the ups and downs of a stepparent and stepchild tying to find peace and love. A real-life drama, rooted in discipleship, filled with hope."

Ron Deal—

President of Successful Stepfamilies

Author of The Smart Stepfamily

Stepfamily Educational Consultant to Focus on the Family



"This book is a wonderful resource for step-parents and step-children alike. It's a powerful testimony to the fact that love never fails. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to bring together a blended family. It's insights from both the adult and child point of view are invaluable. This is a powerful way for families to open up the lines of communication and let the dialogue and healing begin."

Rhonda Glenn—

Co-host, 100 Huntley Street

"Practical, poignant, powerful. Faithfully depicting the dilemmas of stepfamilies. Yes! We need Christian guidance."

Jeannette Lofas, CSW—

America's pioneering authority on divorce, remarriage & children counselor,

President and Founder of the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc.

Certified Divorce & Co-Parenting Mediator

"You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel renewed in your life choice to step up and raise another woman's child.

"Fresh, insightful and full of hope. Kali and Elizabeth share slices of life, the good, the bad and the ugly."

Jane Jarrell—

Author of Secrets of a Midlife Mom

Coauthor of The Frazzled Factor, Relief for Working Moms

"This is a must read for every stepmom and her daughter! I wish I had this timely tome when I became a stepmother.

"The suggested solutions are easy-to-apply and right on target when it comes to finding your own happy ending!"

Ellie Kay—

Stepmom and "America's Family Financial Expert"

"This book is unique in its class — creating unusual empathy for all sides of blended families by having the view of the stepchild and the stepmom presented in each chapter, in creative, unfolding, true-story form.

"Thank you, gals, for pulling back the curtains on what really goes on inside this fragile bonding process, and offering hugs and hope to other families struggling to put the puzzle pieces of their old and new lives together in ways that honor all.

"What a courageous, poignant, honest and helpful book for any stepparent, at any stage."

Becky Freeman—

Stepmom and Author of Help! I'm Turning Into My Mother and The Mom's Everything Book for Daughters

"A remarkable book that should be in the home of every blended family.

"With vulnerability, authenticity, and gut-level honesty, Kali reveals her experience of becoming a stepmother and helps us to understand the transformation of moving from extreme challenges with her stepdaughter to a loving and positive relationship.

"You're NOT my Mom! is a book that all Christian leaders will want to recommend."

Carol Kent—

Speaker and Author of When I Lay My Isaac Down and Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances

"The vulnerability and honesty of this book can be liberating to you.

"It'sscary, stressful and often painful tolaunch a personal relationshipbetween a child and a stepparent without experiencing some combustion. The blow up between this stepmom and her stepdaughterand the drama events that evolvedin the processare finally deflated by the strongest emotion in the universe, love."

Thelma Wells—

M. Min, professor, Speaker for Women of Faith

Author of The Buzz - 7 Power PackedScriptures to EnergizeYour Life

"I don't have a blended family but I still found much value. Not only is it a fascinating story (I couldn't stop once I started), it offers insights and encouragement for any parent."

Kathy Collard Miller—

Conference speaker and author of many books including Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries

"Loving relationships never come easy; add stepfamily to the mix and you have double trouble. You will find help and encouragementwhen you join Kali and Elizabeth in the lessons learned through their difficult yet valuable journey."

Karol Ladd—

Author of Power of A Positive Woman

"Kali and Elizabeth give readers an intimate glimpse into their journey from a love-hate relationship to acceptance and hope. They vulnerably reveal their resistance to opening their arms to each other, and offer valuable insights for others. Read this book and be encouraged!"

Brenda Waggoner—

Licensed Professional Counselor

Author, The Velveteen Woman

"I started reading your book, and I can't put it down! It's wonderful. I can definitely relate to the challenges you present (even though my stepson graduated from college the year I married his father). I have so much empathy for what those early years must have been like for your family. I think You're Not My Mom will be a best-seller for sure!"

Dottie Gandy

Stepmom and Author
CHOOSE! The Role That Choice Plays in Shaping Women's Lives

"If ever a book needed to be written You're Not My Mom! is it! I read numerous books annually and this is the best ever on this subject. Kali & Elizabeth become totally transparent for your benefit."

Herman Bailey - Executive Producer/Host

It's Time For Herman & Sharron

"Kali and Elizabeth's story tracks an arduous journey of triumph over quite the tumultuous relationship! With gutsy (and refreshing) transparency, Kali and Elizabeth share what they did and didn't do so right in eventually establishing a loving and mutually supportive relationship. Their book ought to evoke a collective sigh of relief among stepfamilies across our country as they learn that their struggles are not unique and that with God indeed all things are possible."

Jill Prohaska, Editor-in-Chief

Starpointe Magazine

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