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If yours is a stepfamily at the breaking point, one of the growing number of unsuccessful stepfamilies, read some encouraging, humorous advice on your way toward developing healthy relationships.

"Engaging. Real. Heart-warming. Without pretense. "You're NOT My Mom!" recounts the ups and downs of a stepparent and stepchild tying to find peace and love. A real-life drama, rooted in discipleship, filled with hope."

Ron Deal—

President of Successful Stepfamilies

Author of The Smart Stepfamily

Stepfamily Educational Consultant to Focus on the Family


Media Information

Kali Schnieders - Stepmother and author will captivate your audience. She speaks to the heart of all families, 1/3rd of which are stepfamilies.

Program: “Wicked No More” - How to Create Your Extreme Stepfamily Makeover and Build Healthy Relationships for Life.

Kali is a highly popular speaker AND a Dynamic, Articulate Talk Show Guest. She even hosted her own TV show!!

Qualified - Kali Schnieders has been on hundreds of syndicated talk radio/TV shows and has been featured in articles in several magazines and newspapers.

Media Experience

(* indicates multiple appearances):


National Affiliates-
ABC - Kansas City KMBC “Afterwards” Interview with Joel Nichols (February '00)
CBS - Dallas KTVT “Positively Texas” Interview with Gwen Tolbert (June '01)
FOX 4 - “Good Day Dallas” Interview with Megan Henderson (June '05)

Interview with Fox 4 Dallas

Kali and Elizabeth interviewed by Megan Henderson of FOX 4's Good Day Dallas
International, Cable and Internet-
100 Huntley Street (Ontario) - Interview (November '05)

Kali and Beth on 100 Huntley Street

"This book is a wonderful resource for step-parents and step-children alike. It's a powerful testimony to the fact that love never fails. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to bring together a blended family. It's insights from both the adult and child point of view are invaluable. This is a powerful way for families to open up the lines of communication and let the dialogue and healing begin." - Rhonda Glenn, Co-host, "100 Huntley Street"

FamilyNet News - Interview with news anchor, Lorri Allen (August - 05)
Christian Television Network - “It's Time for Herman and Sharon” Interview (July '05)
Daystar Television Network - “Denver Celebration” Interview (July '05)
*FamilyNet (National) - “At Home-Live!” Interview with Chuck & Jenni Borsellino (April '00 and May '01)
CN8 - “Real Life” (Emmy award winning program) Interview with Mary Amoroso (June '05)
Kali and Elizabeth interviewed by Mary Amoroso
"You're Not My Mom" was a riveting read, and I'm not even a stepparent. It makes you understand that a blended family can have all the tension and drama, all the sabotage and manipulation of a soap opera. At base it's a classic love triangle with the stepmom and stepkids fighting to be number one in the heart of dear old Dad and to edge out the other. And as Kali and Elizabeth make clear, the tug-of-war can go on for years.
— Mary Amoroso

*TCT-TV (National/International web network) Interview (July '05 and August '05)
LeSEA Broadcasting - “The Harvest Show” (syndicated) Interview with Debra Maffett and Kelly Morgan (April '05) Review (July '05)
Debra Maffett (Miss America 1983) and Kelly Morgan interview Kali and Elizabeth
Harvest Show co-hosts Debra Maffett (Miss America 1983) and Kelly Morgan interview Kali and Elizabeth (all four women are in blended families).

ComcastCable (Plano, TX) - “Speaking Women to Women”
“Rehoboth for You” - Christian television interview with Jodie Wallace (May '05)
Trinity Broadcast - “P.T.L.” Dallas interview with Brad and Jena Tuttle (June '01)
CCTV Ft. Worth - “Books in Review” interview with Shari Barnes (July '00)


*WWJC-Duluth, MN - Interview with Ted Elm (April '05 and October '00). Click to hear the interview (RealMedia).
FamilyLife Network (National) - “FamilyLife Today” Interview with Dennis Raney and Bob Lupine (August '05)

Kali and Beth with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lupine

Fun with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lupine after radio interviews on "Family Life Today."

USA Radio Network (National) - Interview with Buddy Vaughn (July '05)
Star 99.1 FM-NY (July 2005) - “The Morning Show” with Stacey Stone
KNEO-Neosho, Missouri - “Author's Corner” Interview (July '05)
* KJSL-St. Louis - Interview with Debra Peppers (November '00 and July '05)
Moms @ Work - Internet interview with Lisa Forkner (July '05)
Moody Broadcast Texas - “Take Five” Interview with Eddie Baiseri (June '05)
*KFLQ-Albuquerque - “Midday Café” Interview with Dan Rosecrans (December '00 and June '05)
*Moody Broadcast Chicago - “Midday Connection” Interview with Melinda Schmidt (April '00 and June '05)
KKNW Radio-Seattle - “Crust Busting” Interview with Dr. Pat Baccili (May '05)
WMUZ-Detroit - Interview with Bob Dutko (April '05)
Family Life Radio-Midland, MI - Interview with Ron Hutchinson (April '05)
KAVX-TX - “Engaging Women” Interview with Kim Wier and Pam McCune (April '05)
KFSG-Los Angeles - Interview with Steve Bowles (July '01)
*Renewal Radio-Dallas - Week long interview with Gene Getz (April '01 and June '05)
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association-Minneapolis - “Decision Today” (November '01)
WYDE Talk Radio-Birmingham - Interview with Edie Hand (September '01)
KCBI-Dallas - “Johanna Fisher Live” Interview (May 01)
WCTS-AM-Minnesota - Interview with Steve Davis (March '01)
KFSG-Los Angeles - Selected Truffles From Heaven as promo gift for Twila Paris concert (February '01)
WKES-Ft. Lauderdale Moody Broadcast - Interview with Ruth Dinwiddie (January '01)
WBCL-Ft. Wayne, IN - “Author! Author!” Interview with Lynn Ford (December '00)
KORE-Oregon - Interview with Larry Knight (November '00)
KBUZ-Topeka - Interview with Rich O'Brian (November '00)

Newspaper and Magazine

Articles, Features, Reviews and Interviews-
(Click links to read articles)

Dallas Morning News - “Book's Tale Goes from House Divided to Successful Stepfamily”
Living with Teenagers - “In Search of the Fairy Tale”
Plano Profile - “Taking Steps to Bring Harmony and Understanding into Today's Blended Families”
The Source (University of Denver) - “Student Co-authors Book About Blended Families”
Bent Tree People - “Mother-Daughter Hope to Heal 'Step-Families'”
Book Nook - “When the Divorce is With You”
Plano Star Courier - Page one feature with photo (April '05) and feature with photo (September '01)
CrossWalk Magazine
- Review (February/March '05 issue)
Moms@Work - Online magazine E-interview (September '05)
Dallas Morning News - Quote and photo (April '00)
Clarity Magazine (a Guideposts Publication) - Review (February/March '00)
Arlington Morning News - Article with photo of book and author (October 7, '05)
Keene Star - Feature with photo of book and author (September 23, '05)
Keene Star - Full-page feature on author, book and re-print of book chapter (September '00)
Cleburne Times-Review - Front-page feature with color photo of book and author (October '00)
Richardson News - Feature with photos, book and author (November '00)
Sun Publications - Feature with photo of book and author (March '02)
Plano Profile Magazine - Book review; editor named Truffles From Heaven an inspirational book worthy of note (November '00)
Northland Sun-News - Feature with photos of author and book (March '00)

Articles Published

Starpointe Magazine (August '05) - “If I'm Not Your Mom, Why Am I Doing Your Laundry?” - Article by Kali Schnieders.
RealChristianSingles.com - (Kali writes a regular stepparenting column)
TouchedByTheHandOfGod.com - Article by Kali Schnieders (September '05)

Why invite Kali and Elizabeth to be guests on your show?

Timely topic - Stepfamilies comprise 1/3 of your audience. In the next 5 years there will be more stepfamilies than nuclear families in the United States. Statistics show that 60% of second marriages end in divorce primarily due to problems with stepchildren--New book, You're NOT My Mom!...Confessions of a Formerly “Wicked” Stepmother (NavPress).

Interview this Stepmother/Stepdaughter Duo to learn:
  • Keys to ditching the “Wicked” label (for stepmoms)
  • How to escape the Cinderella syndrome (for stepchildren)
  • Birth parents will hear about three pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Everyone will discover many common mistakes that kill stepfamily harmony
Call and book an interview with the Schnieders today at 877-540-6022
A copy of You're Not My Mom will be mailed to you the same day!!!

Media Contact:
Kathleen Campbell
Campbell Public Relations, LLC
1255 Lake Plaza Dr. Suite 244
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

E-mail Kali

For speaking inquiries, please call
(972) 713-9070 or (214) 924-1291.

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